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Our manufacturing execution system gboMES (formerly bisoftMES) combines your operating and machine data from the areas of production, maintenance, quality, personnel and management into a consistent system. As a leading IT system house, we help manufacturing companies optimize their operational processes in order to ensure more efficient, smooth, sustainable and sustainable production.

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Why customers choose gbo datacomp

There are many IT system houses, but these features set us apart from our competition


gbo datacomp offers holistic MES solutions that increase your company's competitiveness through significantly higher efficiency in manufacturing and production.

Many years of expertise

Software know-how and know-how Software architecture as well as experience in project management make gbo datacomp your professional and competent partner for all questions relating to your MES.

Tailored solution

Together with you, we design and implement your individually tailored manufacturing management system for future-proof control of your production.

High flexibility

Short decision-making processes are a matter of course for us, which is how we ensure quick and flexible action in the interests of your projects.

Careful analysis

Process data is collected and analyzed, production is better planned, managed more efficiently and presented more transparently worldwide.


For us, know-how from the outset is more than just lip service. With us, developers sit at the table with you right from the start.

Our trusted partners

More flexibility and productivity for your business

We ensure maximum transparency and reliable data, in exactly the quality and quantity that you need to make decisions today for tomorrow's successes.

GBomes - Software

Our MES software can help optimize production plans by taking into account various factors such as plant availability, resource allocation, order priorities, and production constraints.

BDE - Operational data collection

The bidirectional data exchange based on flexible interfaces enables timely recalculations based on order and experience values from the BDE. This results in realistic target times and enables corrections when planning future orders.

MDE - Machine data collection

Our MDE solutions make it possible to reduce costs and at the same time demonstrably increase the effectiveness and quality of your production.


How gboMES can solve your problems

Our vision is to use our software to provide company executives with all the data they need to make decisions today for tomorrow's successes.

Modern MES systems

We see ourselves as driving forces for modern MES solutions.

Individual advice on an equal footing

We ensure that your needs and goals are at the center of attention as we develop tailored solutions for you.

Customer-specific & industry-specific solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet your exact requirements and give you a competitive advantage in your industry.

Higher efficiency in manufacturing and production

Our innovative approaches enable greater efficiency in manufacturing and production to increase your productivity and optimize operations.

Michael Möller
Unser Ablauf

Bringen Sie Ihre Produktion auf das nächste Level!

Wir unterstützen Sie nicht nur mit unserer MES-Software, sondern begleiten Sie auch bei der Implementierung von Messgeräten, Schnittstellen und Sensoren, um Ihre gesamte Produktion optimal zu überwachen und zu steuern.


Gemeinsam analysieren wir Ihre Vorstellungen und Ziele für Ihre MES-Lösung, planen die Implementierung und erstellen Ihnen das optimale Angebot.


Wir helfen bei der individuellen Planung und der Auswahl von den passenden Sensoren & Aktoren oder Schnittstellen für Ihre Produktions- und Fertigungsprozesse.


Der letzte Schritt ist die Integration, Parametrisierung und das Abholen der User Ihrer MES-Lösung, um die Echtzeitdaten aus Ihrer Produktion von überall aus zu verfolgen.


We offer solutions for various industries

MES for heterogeneous SMEs

In order to take into account the different requirements in companies, gbo datacomp uses a lean MES, which is often referred to as Lean MES. This concept takes into account the individual circumstances in companies on their way towards Industry 4.0. Lean MES stands for a streamlined, centralized approach that can be implemented right now without forcing companies to make major investments and changes.

Machine data acquisition

Thanks to MDA (machine data acquisition), a perfect flow of information is possible between machines, systems and lines on the one hand and machine operators, advance workers and management on the other. With various technical connection options, quantities, faults, alarms, QA data and process values can be recorded, visualized and monitored automatically and in real time.

Operational Data Collection

Thanks to the simple recording and calculation of working hours with ODC systems, administrative costs are significantly reduced. Real-time data on working hours enables error-free payroll and optimized personnel planning and utilization, which in turn increase productivity.

Key Performance Indicator

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) includes the calculation and presentation of all relevant key figures. Whether on large-scale dashboards in production, at work or on the go via tablet and smartphone, information about current production or history is always available to you.

Production control center

PCC — the graphical production control center for planning your machines, systems, workstations and all other planning relevant production units. Planning optimised according to your requirements ensures the best possible capacity utilization.

Tracking & Tracing

TRA stands for tracking & tracing of incoming and outgoing material before and after each individual production step. This includes the administration, tracking and identification of transport units, the handling of serial and batch numbers, and the automatic allocation of process and quality-relevant information.

Tool management

The data on running times, quantities, stroke, shot and much more transmitted online via ongoing production processes allows optimal planning of maintenance and repair work. The tool statistics provide information about the life cycle of the tools and contain all important information for further steps. Tool planning ensures correct use; multiple assignments are excluded.

Quality management

QM is the linchpin of quality-relevant data in production, reliable quality management. QM provides basic data based on test plans and is the active link between people, machines, systems and tools when it comes to compliance with QM requirements.

Process Data Acquisition

PDA collects relevant process data, such as pressure, temperature, energy consumption, etc., and presents them clearly and transparently. This allows you to react immediately in the production process to fluctuations or over/fall below tolerance limits and adapt your production process before waste occurs or a machine fails due to faults.

Web Dashboard

The web dashboard provides all important machine and control data, pre-compressed as key figures, and is available up to date. Using the web, employees have access to relevant data such as key figures, KPI, fault reports, etc. from production, regardless of location and time.

Energy Management

EMG systems collect energy data at plants in order to analyze how much energy is required to produce articles. In this way, costly voltage surges can be avoided simply by scheduling the start-up and start-up processes of machines and systems.


Thanks to the simple recording and calculation of working hours with T&A systems, administrative costs are significantly reduced. Real-time data on working hours enables error-free payroll and optimized personnel planning and utilization, which in turn increase productivity.

Staff time and operational data collection

On the one hand, PZBDE stands for easy recording, processing and visualization of your employees' attendance and absence times. The processed data is directly incorporated into the payroll and into the calculation of process costs and services.

MES overview

The industries we work for

Automotive supplier
Automotive supplier

Suppliers must deliver more and more “just in time.” High standards and quality requirements are a must, both nationally and internationally.

Tool and mechanical engineering
Tool and mechanical engineering

Thanks to gBOMES, new technologies in this sector can be implemented quickly and efficiently in development and production.

Plastics industry
Plastics industry

The plastics industry is becoming increasingly global. Locations worldwide are the rule in order to be able to react internationally to market changes just in time.


Only those who coordinate the individual production steps can meet the high cost pressure and demanding quality standards.

Stone processing
Stone processing

An MES is the transparent basis for greater efficiency in warehouse management and machine utilization as well as for secure scheduling.


Short turnaround times and complete documentation of the materials used are essential for fast delivery of the highest quality.

Medical technology
Medical technology

Quality and efficiency pressure are high. Manufacturers who rely on comprehensive and integrated quality management are well positioned here.

Print and packaging
Print and packaging

In the print sector, customer requirements are becoming ever higher. You can only live up to this if you are high-tech and innovative.

That's what our customers say about gbo datacomp...

We are proud to satisfy customers in more than 120 countries with our services. Here are a few of our online reviews:

“We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to gboMES. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!”

Kristin Cooper
Kristin Cooper

Marketing Coordinator


“We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to gboMES. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!”

Nekta Born
Nekta Born

Digital Media Trader


“We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to gboMES. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!”

Miles Esther
Miles Esther

Health Information Technician


Our experienced team is always by your side

Unleash the full potential of your manufacturing processes today. Contact us for a free, personal consultation and find out first-hand how our MES system can change your company.

Dieter Raab
Dietmar Raab

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As a company, we strive to assume our responsibility for the environment and society. Sustainable action in all areas of our company is our aim.

energy efficiency:

A sustainable MES system optimizes energy consumption by enabling real-time monitoring and analysis. By identifying energy waste and implementing more efficient processes, it helps to reduce the environmental footprint.

Waste reduction:

By monitoring material flow and identifying sources of waste, a sustainable MES system can help reduce waste. It supports the implementation of lean principles, recycling, and reuse of materials to minimize environmental impacts.

Resource optimization:

A sustainable MES system optimizes the use of raw materials, water and other resources. It provides tools to monitor and control consumption, supports efficient use and helps conserve natural resources.

Emissions monitoring:

Sustainable MES systems make it possible to monitor emissions and reconcile them with environmental requirements. They provide data to assess the carbon footprint and help implement measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Supply chain transparency:

A sustainable MES system promotes transparency in the supply chain. It allows supplier practices to be monitored to ensure that ethical standards, environmental requirements, and social responsibility are met.

Product life cycle

Sustainable MES systems support the management of the entire product life cycle. They enable traceability, monitoring of production and disposal phases to promote environmentally friendly designs, durability, and recyclability.

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