QM — quality management

QM is the linchpin of quality-relevant data in production, reliable quality management. QM provides basic data based on test plans and is the active link between people, machines, systems and tools when it comes to compliance with QM requirements.

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QM — keeping an eye on quality online

Connected measuring machines can be supplied with default and intervention values depending on the article. Systems can be stopped using a process lock if test cycles have been achieved or individual QM values differ. Both production and weak point analyses are available at any time and can be individually scaled for your company. As a result, downtime and overtime for unscheduled maintenance assignments can be reduced and waste avoided. QM offers the opportunity to seamlessly track and document products and processes based on quality data. If recalls are required, affected batches can be identified precisely and resulting costs can be significantly reduced.

Your benefits:

Targeted support for employees on quality issues and KVP processes

escalation management

Production analysis/scrap classification

Test plan support

Interfaces to QM systems

Complete product and process tracking of batches, serial numbers, etc.

Process documentation including ISO 9001/TS16949 standards

More flexibility and productivity for your business

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