PCC - Production control center

PCC - the graphical production control center for planning your machines, plants, workstations and all other planning-relevant units of your production. The planning, optimized according to your requirements, ensures the best possible utilization.

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PCC - efficient planning through online feedback

In addition to the planning aspect, the production control center allows you to keep an eye on all production processes online at any time. Unplanned disruptions can be identified just as immediately as problems with material and personnel availability. This minimizes set-up times, significantly reduces response times and significantly improves adherence to schedules. This allows planners to react flexibly and quickly to changing customer requirements. The production control center becomes the hub for your orders and integrates all relevant data. You have a clear overview of your production and are well prepared for Industry 4.0!

Your benefits:

Permanent increase in production capacity and flexibility

Optimal use of existing machines, systems, workstations, etc. through Autodispo

Materials, personnel, transport containers, etc. can be included in all planning

All planning tools in one overview mask

Urgent orders can be scheduled online at short notice

All consequences of planning changes are immediately shown

Turnaround times, set-up times and costs can be reduced sustainably

Avoid seasonal fluctuations and plan ahead

More flexibility and productivity for your business

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