What does a BDE system do? Find out more from us

What does a BDE system do? Find out more from us

Michael Möller
Michael Möller
5 mins
November 13, 2023

Find out from us “What does a BDE system do”. We offer professional insights into the functionalities and benefits of BDE systems in today's industry.

As a manufacturing company, it is important to work efficiently and productively. There are numerous tools that can be used for this purpose. One such tool is the operating data collection system, or BDE system for short.

A BDE system is used to optimize operational processes and make them more efficient. It records and documents all data that is generated in a company. These include times, quantities and scrap. This data is then evaluated and serves as a basis for improving processes.

The importance of a BDE system in industry should therefore not be underestimated. It enables companies to optimize their processes and save costs and time.

Key findings:

  • A BDE system is used to make operational processes more efficient.
  • It records and documents all data that is generated in a company.
  • This data is evaluated and serves as a basis for improving processes.
  • The importance of a BDE system in industry cannot be underestimated.
  • It enables companies to optimize their processes and save costs and time.

Definition of a BDE system

A BDE system (operating data acquisition system) is a software system that is used in industry to record and process production-relevant data in real time. With a BDE system, important information about the manufacturing process, employee performance and productivity can be collected, analyzed and optimized.

The way a BDE system works is based on recording data at various production stations, which are then sent to the system in real time and processed there. Hardware-based systems such as terminals or touch screens, which are operated by employees, are usually used for this purpose.

How does a BDE system work?

A BDE system consists of various components, including:

  • Hardware components such as terminals, barcode scanners, or RFID readers
  • Software for recording and processing data
  • A database to store and analyze collected data

The hardware components are used at various production stations to collect data. For example, barcode scanners can be used to scan production orders and track production progress.

The collected data is then sent to the BDE system in real time via a network connection and processed there. The software analyzes the data and generates reports to monitor and optimize employee performance and production productivity.

To ensure the full functionality of a BDE system, careful planning and configuration is required to ensure that the hardware components and software are optimally tailored to the needs of the company.

Functions of a BDE system

A BDE system has many different functions and components that can contribute to the optimization and control of production processes. In the following, we present the most important functions and components.

Collection of production data

One of the main tasks of a BDE system is to record various production data, such as quantities, working times or machine utilization. This data is automatically collected and can be used for later evaluation.

monitoring of production processes

With the help of a BDE system, production processes can be monitored in real time. As a result, bottlenecks or faults can be identified and resolved at an early stage.

Planning and control of production processes

With the collected data, a BDE system can also be used to plan and control production processes. For example, capacity utilization can be optimized and the production of batch sizes can be better planned.

Time recording and working time accounts

Another component of a BDE system is time recording. Here, working hours are recorded and posted to working time accounts. These can later be used for payroll.

Documentation of production processes

A BDE system can also be used to document production processes. For example, quality controls or maintenance work can be documented and evaluated later.

Integrated machine control

Some BDE systems also offer integrated machine control. Here, machines can be controlled and monitored directly via the BDE system.

Visualization of production processes

A BDE system can also be used to visualize production processes. Here, the data is displayed on a screen in real time and enables a quick and clear analysis of production processes.

The functions and components of a BDE system may vary depending on the manufacturer and design. In any case, however, a BDE system can help to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies.

Possible uses of a BDE system

A BDE system can be used in many different industries and areas where an efficient and transparent organization of production processes is necessary. Here are a few examples:


In the automotive industry, a BDE system is used to increase efficiency and productivity and to optimize the entire manufacturing process. As a result, better planning and control of production is achieved.

metal industry

In the metal industry, a BDE system is used to control and monitor production processes. Continuous monitoring enables bottlenecks to be identified more quickly and disruptions avoided.

food industry

In the food industry, a BDE system ensures higher efficiency and quality assurance. Through more precise monitoring, processes can be adjusted and controlled more quickly.

textile industry

In the textile industry, a BDE system is used to ensure faster production and optimal planning. As a result, customer requests can be implemented quickly and flexibly.

Benefits of a BDE system

A BDE system offers numerous benefits for companies of all sizes and from various industries. We have summarized the most important benefits for you below:

1. Increasing efficiency

With a BDE system, work processes can be optimized and efficiency increased. Automated data collection and evaluation reduces and improves manual processes, which can save resources.

2. Real-time overview

With the help of a BDE system, companies always have an up-to-date overview of the production process and can react quickly to changes. As a result, bottlenecks can be identified and resolved at an early stage.

3. Transparency and traceability

Thanks to complete documentation, companies can present the entire production process transparently and make it comprehensible. This is not only beneficial for internal purposes, but also for external audits and certifications.

4. Failure prevention

A BDE system enables early detection of errors in the production process. As a result, corrective measures can be implemented quickly and production downtimes can be avoided.

5. Inventory reduction

By optimizing the production process and reducing errors, the required amount of raw materials and semi-finished products can be reduced, which leads to a reduction in inventories. This not only saves resources, but also costs.

6. Flexibility

With a BDE system, companies can react quickly and flexibly to changes in the production process. New orders or changes can be quickly integrated without slowing down the entire process.

As you can see, a BDE system offers numerous advantages for companies. From increasing efficiency to flexible adaptation to changes in production — a BDE system is an important factor in remaining competitive.

gbo Datacomp - your partner for BDE systems with gBOmes

As long-standing experts in the field of production data collection, we at gbo Datacomp are your reliable partner when it comes to implementing a BDE system. Thanks to our decades of experience and broad expertise, we offer you tailor-made solutions that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of your company.

Our software gBOMES, a manufacturing execution system, offers you a comprehensive and intuitive platform for managing and optimizing your production processes. The focus is on effectiveness and efficiency. From data collection to production planning to quality assurance — with gBOMES, you always have an overview.

Our expertise for your company

Our team of experienced engineers and IT specialists not only supports you in implementing a BDE system, but is also available to answer any questions you may have on the subject. We offer comprehensive training and reliable support to help you get the most out of your system.

Our philosophy

  • Individual advice
  • Tailored solutions
  • Comprehensive support
  • Sustainability and environmental protection

Our philosophy is to always offer you as a customer the best possible solution. That is why we attach great importance to individual advice and a tailor-made solution that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. Sustainability and environmental protection are also important factors for us, which we take into account in all areas.

How do you choose the right BDE system?

Choosing the right BDE system for your company can be a challenge. There are many different providers and software solutions on the market, which differ in their functions and features. The following are some important factors that you should consider when choosing the right BDE system:

  • Ease of use: The BDE system should be easy to use and able to interact with your company's other relevant systems and applications.
  • Customizability: The BDE system should be adaptable to the needs of your company. It should be able to support your organization's specific processes and requirements.
  • Range of functions: The BDE system should have the features that are most important for your company. For example, real-time monitoring, automatic data collection, and reporting can be important features.
  • integration: The BDE system should be able to be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes and IT systems.
  • scalability: The BDE system should be able to grow with your business and add additional features and modules as needed.
  • costs: The price of the BDE system should be in proportion to the expected benefits. The long-term return on your investment should be carefully considered.

When choosing the right BDE system, it can be helpful to create a list of your organization's key requirements and features. You should also consider the opinions and experiences of other customers and users and learn in depth about the various options available.

Our team of experts at gbo Datacomp GmbH can help you choose the right BDE system for your company. We offer a wide range of features and modules that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

Integration of a BDE system into existing processes

After you have selected the right BDE system for your company, the question is how it can be seamlessly integrated into your existing processes. Here are a few steps to consider:

Process analysis

First, the processes and procedures in your company should be analysed in detail to determine how the BDE system can best be integrated. It should also be checked whether an adjustment or optimization of the processes may be necessary to ensure smooth integration.

Clear communication

To ensure that all employees understand and accept the introduction of the BDE system, there should be clear communication about the benefits and goals of the system. It is important to address reservations and concerns and to answer open questions.

Education and training

The smooth use of a BDE system also depends on employees being optimally trained. Training and training sessions should therefore be offered so that all employees can operate the system correctly and use the various functions.

Customization of interfaces

In order to integrate the BDE system into existing processes, adjustments may also have to be made to interfaces or other systems. It is important to ensure smooth communication between the various systems.

With these steps, a BDE system can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes to increase efficiency and productivity in your company.

Training and support for BDE systems

Professional training is essential to get the most out of a BDE system. We offer you a comprehensive training program to help you design and implement BDE systems.

Our training courses are practice-oriented and individually tailored to your needs. We not only provide you with theoretical knowledge, but also give you concrete tips for implementing it in practice. In doing so, we attach particular importance to comprehensible language and a clear presentation.

Even after implementation, we are always by your side and offer you comprehensive support. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can always contact our expert support team. We are here for you and help you quickly and easily.

training program

Our training program covers various subject areas:




Introduction to how BDE systems work, structure and structure of GBOmes


Planning and implementation of BDE systems, integration into existing processes


Practical use of GBomes, operation and use of the various functions


Administration of GBomes, configuration and adjustment to individual requirements

Our training courses take place in small groups or individually. You can choose between on-site training at your company or online training. On request, we can also create individual training concepts that are completely tailored to your needs.


Our support team is always available to answer your questions and help you with any issues you may have. You can reach us by phone, email or via our ticket system. In urgent cases, we can also be reached outside regular business hours.

Our goal is to enable you to use GBomes smoothly and successfully. This includes comprehensive support that you can rely on.

Case studies: Successful implementation of BDE systems

At gbo Datacomp, we have supported and accompanied numerous customers in implementing BDE systems. In the following, we present some exemplary case studies that show how companies can benefit from a BDE system.

Example 1: Automotive supplier

An automotive supplier had difficulty optimizing its production processes and making them more efficient. By implementing our gBOmes system, the company was now able to better plan and manage its production orders. Employees also had access to important information at the push of a button, which led to shorter turnaround times and higher productivity. By introducing the BDE system, the company was also able to improve its quality standards and reduced the number of errors and waste.

Example 2: Food producer

A manufacturing company in the food sector had difficulties monitoring its production processes and recording working hours. By implementing our BDE system, production processes could now be better monitored and controlled. The company was also able to automate working time recording and employees were able to record their working hours via smartphone. The introduction of the BDE system led to a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in personnel costs.

Example 3: Electronics manufacturer

An electronics manufacturer had difficulties planning and managing its manufacturing processes. The introduction of our BDE system ensured that production orders could now be better coordinated and organized. Employees also had access to important production data at the push of a button and were able to react quickly and effectively to problems that arose. By implementing the BDE system, the company was able to increase its productivity and make its manufacturing processes significantly more efficient.

As these examples show, implementing a BDE system can lead to a significant increase in productivity, efficiency and quality in companies. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with the implementation.

Current trends and developments in the area of BDE systems

At gbo Datacomp GmbH, we are always up to date with the latest technology and keep up to date with the latest trends and developments in the area of BDE systems. Here are some of the key trends and developments that have recently come to our attention:

1. Digitalization and networking

BDE systems are an important part of the digitization and networking of production processes. By integrating IoT technologies and intelligent sensors, BDE systems can collect and process more and more data. This data can then be used to further optimize production processes and increase efficiency.

2. Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based BDE systems are becoming increasingly popular as they offer many benefits, such as greater flexibility and scalability. This makes it easier for companies to react to changes in production and better manage their resources.

3. Mobile solutions

More and more BDE systems are offering mobile solutions that enable employees to record and process data directly on site. This improves efficiency and enables a faster response time to changes.

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

In the future, BDE systems will benefit from artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize processes and increase productivity. By analyzing data, patterns can be identified and processes can be further improved.

At gbo Datacomp GmbH, we are proud to offer our customers the latest technologies and developments in the area of BDE systems. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you improve your production processes and how we can prepare your data right now so that you can see future trends such as AI as an opportunity


In this article, we have given you a comprehensive overview of the meaning and functions of a BDE system. You have learned that a BDE system automates production processes and thus saves time and money. A BDE system offers numerous applications and benefits for companies in various industries.

With gbo Datacomp GmbH, you have an experienced partner at your side who specializes in the development and implementation of BDE systems. Our software gBOmes, a manufacturing execution system, enables seamless integration of the BDE system into your existing processes.

Importance of choosing the right BDE system

When choosing the right BDE system for your company, you should make sure that it fits your requirements and processes. Professional advice and training are of crucial importance in order to utilize the full potential of the BDE system.

Successful implementation of BDE systems

Using exemplary case studies, we were able to show how a successful implementation of a BDE system can contribute to increasing productivity and efficiency in companies.

Current trends and developments

The development of BDE systems is constantly progressing. Current trends include the integration of artificial intelligence and the use of cloud computing. We always stay up to date with the latest technology and are happy to inform you about the latest developments.

In summary, a BDE system plays an indispensable role in Industry 4.0 and helps companies to exploit their full potential. We at gbo Datacomp GmbH are your reliable partner for the development, implementation and training of BDE systems.

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