Web dashboard

The web dashboard provides all important machine and control data, pre-compressed as key figures, and is available up to date. Using the web, employees have access to relevant data such as key figures, KPI, fault reports, etc. from production, regardless of location and time.

Mehr als 900 Kunden mit mehr als 14.500 User in vielen Ländern profitieren von gboMES
Machine and control data clearly available

The web dashboard is part of the modular manufacturing execution system gboMES and is the ideal addition for all manufacturing companies that want to react specifically to deviations in production in the shortest possible time. With the web dashboard, production data can be viewed on the go. As a result, downtimes or faults in production, for example, can be identified and resolved more quickly. Evaluations and the resulting decisions are always based on the latest data.

The pre-compressed data is visualized in smart reporting in meaningful dashboard graphics. It is possible both to use the key figures specified in the MES specification (ISO 22400) and to evaluate individual machine and control data. The responsive design makes it easy to use various devices.

Your benefits:

Permanent online data availability

Transparency at all management and team levels

Cross-site and network-wide editing

Reproducible data and processes

Clear and comprehensive visualization

Customizable reports and graphics

More flexibility and productivity for your business

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