PDA - Process Data Acquisition

PDA records relevant process data, such as pressure, temperature, energy consumption, and much more, and displays it clearly and transparently. This allows you to react immediately in the production process to fluctuations or exceeding/falling below tolerance limits and to adjust your production process before scrap occurs or a machine breaks down due to malfunctions.

Mehr als 900 Kunden mit mehr als 14.500 User in vielen Ländern profitieren von gboMES
PDA — meet customer requirements and optimize processes

Traffic light displays as part of dashboards or WEB evaluations and active escalation management support you in this, both stationary and mobile. In addition, you can fully meet your customers' requirements for the required transparency in production. The collected data can be archived and managed in PDA for many years, based on batches, orders, articles and systems. The necessary master data is created directly in PDA or transferred from existing systems.

Your benefits:

Batch, order, article and plant-related documentation

Send evidence of customer inquiries at the push of a button

Connections to upstream and downstream systems (ERP, QM, HR...)

Deviation analyses as a basis for optimizations

Online display of all relevant process values

Traffic light functions for easy visualization

More flexibility and productivity for your business

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