gbo datacomp successfully launches online seminar series on MES


Online seminars will now be held monthly to provide targeted information on the benefits of MES in medium-sized manufacturing companies. Augsburg, 06.07.2020. “In times of corona, online seminars are very important to stay in touch with customers and interested parties,” begins Michael Möller, managing director of gbo datacomp GmbH. And so no one at the MES expert is surprised that the online seminar series launched in June”Out of the crisis with MES“was very well received. The start was participation in the Digital Days in June. Shortly after, it was in-house online seminars that were well attended and prompted the medium-sized company to continue offering its services on a monthly basis from now on.” A brief and concise impression can be given of the benefits of the in-house BiSoftMES MES solution for decision makers,” says Möller, summarizing his experience. Specific questions from participants can be answered immediately and make them curious about more detailed discussions, he concludes.

Current dates of the online seminar series are available on the gbo datacomp homepage

In the next step, individual appointments could be made, both digitally and in person. “Online seminars are a first step for us to start a conversation. We are currently using them primarily as a replacement for the cancelled trade fairs,” emphasizes Möller, who is mostly confident about the second half of 2020. After the second quarter of 2020 was dominated by corona, the gbo datacomp team has seen increased interest in the solutions again since June. Although still subdued, demand is becoming more and more concrete. And in order to specifically support this development, further online seminars are planned.” We are convinced that the lockdown has significantly accelerated the issue of digitization in manufacturing. Companies have recognized that production control from home offices and on-site flexibility at the production lines are much more than just a “nice to have.” Rather, continuous digitization up to shop floor level is a must if you want to be crisis-proof in the future,” concludes the MES expert. And now you wait to see how the next economic impulses from the government are received by medium-sized customers. Continuity and confidence are clearly needed, according to the GBO'lers' credo.

The next online seminar dates:

Friday, July 17th at 11:00Friday, July 31 at 1:00 p.m.Monday, August 24 at 15:00 Registration and further information here on the gbo datacomp homepage.Photo caption: Current dates and events are available on the gbo datacomp homepage