gbo datacomp managing director elected to the VDMA association board


Michael Möller starts his first term of office on the board of the VDMA “Software and Digitalization” association. At their general meeting on October 9, the 400 members elected the gbo DataComp managing director to the eleven-member board of directors. Möller's goal is to advance the topics of digitalization and MES in plant and mechanical engineering. Augsburg, 12.10.2020. “Software and Digitalization” is the biggest Professional association in the VDMA. Under the direction of Professor Claus Oetter, he brings together software manufacturers and development departments from well-known plant and machine manufacturers. It thus offers an ideal platform for experiences on digitization topics such as Machine learning or Digital strategy with the industry As a member company, gbo datacomp has been involved in the VDMA “Software and Digitalization” association for many years. This is how Michael Möller worked on the VDMA Specification 66412-xx on the subject MES with. He is also an active member of the MES and Interfaces working group, from which the VDMA NA 60-30-5-4 MES Interfaces emerged.” I am delighted with my choice. The latest developments have shown how important the topic of digitization is for companies.” Möller looks at 30 years of experience in MES back, which he in wants to incorporate his work on the board. “In my opinion, the combination of experience and a view of the future is important. This is the only way to create innovations that secure our market position,” explains MBA Michael Möller, managing director and shareholder of gbo datacomp GmbH.Photo caption: The newly elected board (from left to right): Michael Möller, Dr. Thomas Genssler, Franz Koller, Michael Finkler, Daniel Gal, Sebastian Betzin, Klaus Bauer, Wolfram Schäfer (not in the picture: Georg Kube, Matthias Dietel, Dr. Harald Göbel). (Image copyright VDMA, Frankfurt)