Digitalization — companies are on their way to Industry 4.0


HMI: Great interest across industries in solutions for operating and machine data collection with a view to smart factory.Augsburg, 03.05.2018 digitization Manufacturing was the number one topic at this year's Hannover Messe. In order to position themselves accordingly, many medium-sized companies were looking for modern BDE and MDE Solutions that accompany them step by step towards Industry 4.0. At the consistently well-attended stand of the Augsburg-based MES specialist, trade fair visitors were also interested in solutions relating to digital online production control center. “The visualization of production data is becoming increasingly important when it comes to efficient production planning and control,” explains Michael Möller, managing director of gbo datacomp GmbH, Augsburg.BDE, MDE and the production control center are central modules of a manufacturing execution system, such as BiSoftMes by gbo. Through the modular structure With this MES, the requirements of the respective companies can be implemented in a targeted manner, step by step. And that was exactly the central theme in Hanover. Digitalization, but in such a way that companies are not overwhelmed. “This is where we come in with our experience and our BiSoftMES,” Möller sums up. Scalable solutions that also meet the future requirements of automated and networked production are becoming increasingly important for the implementation of Industry 4.0. “Some manufacturing companies have enormous amounts of data and now need software solutions to turn this data into qualified information and use it efficiently. Understanding is required,” Möller continues. A clear and understandable visualization of this data is the first step with which manufacturing companies can identify and finally use optimization potential on the shop floor. The first step for many companies is still the introduction of a modern BDE and MDE. Many SMEs still have a need for this, i.e. the existing solutions do not meet the requirements to be prepared for the requirements of Industry 4.0 in the medium term. The long-term goal of introducing such tools is a manufacturing execution system in order to be future-oriented throughout production. “And this is exactly where we use our BiSoftMES, which provides transparent data for more efficient and flexible production,” says GBO managing director Möller.Augsburg is now busy processing trade fair contacts and is pleased with the many new contacts that the trade fair presence has ensured.