Systematically record working hours


bisoftPZE enables timely implementation of the ECJ rule.Augsburg, 23.05.19 “Even before the decision of the European Court of Justice was announced, we felt an increased interest in our BiSoftPZE personnel time recording. It was also noticeable that companies in the EU are required to systematically record the working hours of their employees,” begins Michael Möller, managing director of gbo datacomp.


“The proven and widely used PZBDE 100 solution from the MES expert served as the basis for a complete new development that BiSoftPZE. In addition to a completely new look & feel, the functionality was specifically expanded. The software is therefore currently the focus of numerous inquiries and discussions. “Many of our customers have dealt with the topic of working time recording. And that without opting for a digital solution. Now they must act and do so,” emphasizes Möller.bisoftPZE, the successor product of PZBDE100, enables optimal recording of attendance and justified absences. The data provides the basis for internal billing. But the calculation of product and process costs, workload and services, and events of arrival and departure are also recorded. Break times and home office regulations are also processed using personnel time accounting. These are then calculated. This includes various subscription methods and accounts, for example for working hours, vacation, overtime or flexitime. The modern tool is intuitive to use. All working time and billing models can be individually adjusted. Interfaces to all standard payslips are available. Die solution is used centrally, decentrally or even cloud-based. Employees can record their data using smartphones and web browsers.

Digital time recording

With BiSoftPZE, companies create comprehensive transparency. At the same time, digital time recording also makes it possible to abolish paper-based processes. For example, vacation requests can no longer be lost. Feedback is provided promptly. Accrued overtime and overtime can be seen at any time. Through a digital absenteeism workflow, both employees and supervisors benefit from significantly leaner processes overall. “The ECJ has legally established that transparent time recording, which both billing and planning for companies will be implemented significantly more easily. When we talk about Industry 4.0, this is definitely part of it,” concludes Möller. Photo caption: Overview of absences (Screen: gbo datacomp)