What is an MDE device?

What is an MDE device?

Michael Möller
Michael Möller
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MDE devices are used in numerous industries and companies. Their use requires some technical requirements. There are various types of MDE devices that can be configured to meet customer-specific requirements. Machine data collection is the interface between machines and information processing.

What do you need an MDE device for? MDE devices are used to collect data in real time, which is collected using machines and systems. These are then visualized using an MES system. The MDE device is used to control and control quantities, inventories, incoming and outgoing goods as well as all data relevant to the business process.

Definition of MDE

MDE is the abbreviation for the term machine data collection and describes an interface between machines in terms of production technology and information processing.

The resulting data can be directly incorporated as parameters into the machine control system. With MDE, the values obtained from operating data collection can be used for the following purposes. This includes statistical process control as well as planning and control of production orders.

What is an MDE device?

In the area of logistics, MDE devices used for targeted, mobile data collection and analysis based on it. The technology enables a seamless flow of information between machines, plants and production lines as well as operators (machine operators, foremen) and management.

MDE devices are also known as scanners. However, the biggest difference to a classic barcode scanner is in terms of communication and editing functionality. Before the data finally enters the system, it can be further processed using the MDE device.

As an experienced, competent provider in manufacturing management, gbo datacomp offers BiSoftMDE. Automatically and in real time can quantities, alarms, QA data and Process values be determined and then visualized. This can be done both via large dashboards and via a tablet or smartphone.

Design and operation of MDE devices

MDE devices have a large display. Visually speaking, the device is similar to a tablet or a larger smartphone.

Furthermore, it is easy to use. that MDE device It fits comfortably in the hand and can be operated intuitively using the few function keys. It is also easy to operate with just one hand.

MDE devices have a high level of precision. Barcodes can also be securely captured from a greater distance. The devices usually have a reinforced body. Where they are used, it is often dirty and the MDE device is quickly removed or could fall off.

The battery is powerful and will recharge to designated stations.

The main function of an MDE device is to capture data. For this purpose, the devices are equipped with a barcode scanner and a camera.

In particular, taking pictures and videos is an important function for documenting any damage or defects and demonstrably increasing the quality of your production.

About the MDE device Alerts and faults can also be transmitted directly to the responsible person, even directly to the home office.

With a competent partner, fast and unbureaucratic support and BiSoftMDE, you can eliminate losses in the area of machine and plant availability. After all, it is about your success, cost reduction and the simultaneous effectiveness of quality in terms of production.

Which MDE devices are there?

Industry-specific are various requisitions with regard to a MDE device needed. For this reason, there is a selection of various MDE devices that differ in function and appearance.

A standard device represents a simple model with limited performance without the ability to communicate about it. Collected information can be saved and then transferred to the PC via Excel or text format.

A full screen terminal Visually resembles a smartphone and, like this one, has an Android operating system. Full access is offered and communication is possible via Bluetooth and GPS.

A complete terminal It has a smaller screen, but it comes with a keyboard (numbers and/or letters). The way it works is similar to that of a computer and there are options for a wireless connection.

The so-called Wearables (wearable) They can be easily attached to the wrist The actual scanner is located on the glove or finger. The advantage is that you have both hands free to work.

that warehouse terminal It is — as the name suggests — mostly in the warehouse. Some MDE devices allow scanning from a distance of approximately 12 meters. As a result, warehouse employees no longer have to get off the forklift to be able to collect data.

Die tablet terminals come with a few features: often there is also a barcode scanner, processor and an integrated hard drive.

Benefits of using an MDE device

With regard to the increasing level of automation, it is no longer enough to rely on your gut feeling. The MDE devices reliably ensure automatic recording in real time of:

  • quantities
  • ruptures
  • Alerts
  • Quality assurance data
  • Process values

For you, this means significant time savings with improved data quality, due to automatic data collection and a reduced response time in terms of disturbances.

You will receive an automatic message should there be any discrepancies in production. Based on monitoring that is for you customisable Is, and one extensive reporting, you can view the evaluation at any time.

Other advantages include reliable vulnerability analysis based on the recorded downtime data, the key figure generator to define your production key figures (KPI) and the available data for controlling and post-calculation.

Other benefits of gbo datacomp include the continuous expansion of functionalities and the individual implementation of your ideas and visions.

Technical requirements for using MDE devices

If you want to use an MDE device, you first need the device itself and an appropriate connection such as OPC-UA/DA, MT-Connect, web interfaces, potential-free contacts.

Using the MES (Manufacturing Execution System), the machine data from the recording with the MDE device becomes a closed system.

The BiSoftMES from gbo datacomp can be individually tailored to your requirements. Thanks to many years of experience, unbureaucratic support and the connection directly with you, you have a seamless connection between existing IT landscapes.

Operating system MDE devices

For MDE devices The Android operating system is recommended. This replaces the previously used Windows CE, which is no longer recommended due to the discontinuation by Microsoft. If your device is already running with it, the operating system can be updated or changed.

By default, all operating systems (Android, UWP, CE) can be used in parallel. Customer-specific, the main focus is on resolution and format of the screen.

UWP allows use as long as the tablets used have at least the Windows 10 operating system installed. Android and UWP have the same code. However, there may be different click behavior between versions.

The respective operating system is provided by the provider. The MDE device can be set up by uploading a file. After successful installation, the MDE device can be put into operation.

Applications of MDE devices

MDE devices are used in all fault-prone Business areas, which is also close to material flow lie down. In particular, this includes industries that have their own logistics.

Especially for large companies, it is often difficult to collect all relevant data. But this is essential, especially so that you can focus on your success tomorrow. Almost no modern company can do without the use of an MDE device. The models for different industries vary in performance and options.

MDE devices are primarily used in relation to this data

  • Production data collection
  • Working time recording
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • quantities
  • Process values in terms of balance sheet and inventory

MDE devices are used in all industries that have warehouse management, need to control production and record incoming and outgoing goods. This applies to a wide range of industries. You will find out exactly which in the next section.

It is important to know that the BiSoftMDE from gbo datacomp can be adjusted to your individual requirements. You get the functions you need and thanks to unbureaucratic and quick support, you always have a partner nearby who will provide you with competent help.

Importance of MDE for retail

MDE devices that are used for retail use ideally have a Inventory software. It is irrelevant which inventory method you use. The daily operation in relation to Checkout function or when printing the labels are other desirable features that an MDE device for retail should have.

MDE devices provide ideal support when it comes to supplier and customer orders, incoming goods and the preparation of invoices, delivery documents and offers.

MDE devices that can be operated intuitively by the user are best. A complete set with a docking station, USB port and cable as well as a long-lasting battery is ideal for being able to start right away and avoid unnecessary extra purchases.

MDE devices in production

In production, it is important that the data in real time be recorded. This includes process values for quantities, QA data, but also faults and alarms.

With regard to the production process, it is important that it takes place without losses, as these represent a critical success factor.

MDE devices are therefore essential for production. With the appropriate configuration, videos and pictures can also be taken if required. This is used for documentation and at the same time ensures the verifiable quality of production.

The BiSoftMDE is individualized for your needs so that you can use an easy-to-use web dashboard and comprehensive reporting.

MDE devices in warehouse management

Depending on the area in which the MDE devices are to be used, they must meet different requirements. Especially in warehouse management, a shock-resistant and scratch-resistant body and one-handed, convenient operation must be available.

The display must have adequate lighting and the battery must have a long-lasting run time. To ensure easy recording, the MDE device should be equipped with a precise laser and operate over as long a distance as possible.

Many of MDE devices work with Windows or Android. Both operating systems have advantages in terms of use. Intuitive use is essential to set up the MDE device. Every employee whose responsibility lies with the MDE device must also be able to use it properly. An individualized device that only shows the functions that you actually use is not only effective, but also worth its weight in gold in the truest sense of the word.

Processes are optimized accordingly that saving time is in focus and therefore a reduction The expenses. It is also a sustainable solution. In the past, people laboriously rummaged through the high shelves with pen and paper, but today they have a compact device the size of a smartphone that enables us to carry out upcoming warehouse tasks efficiently and precisely.

To ensure that your data can also be securely and effectively fed in afterwards, gbo datacomp helps you install BiSoftMES. This also includes the startup, implementation as well as the remote maintenanceto minimize interruptions and downtime.

MDE devices in many industries — Conclusion

As you've read for yourself, the use of MDE equipment is essential in most industries. Wherever quantities have to be recorded and combined, losses would be extremely negative and lead to an interruption of ongoing business processes.

A lack of inventory can be avoided and you always have an overview of all relevant data. Even more effective: Should malfunctions or an alarm occur, you can intervene directly.

By training your company on how to use MDE devices, employees learn how to use this technology effectively. One practical aspect is customization for your company. With a suitable interface via BiSoftMES from gbo datacomp, you benefit from significantly higher productivity, reduce operating and personnel costs and reduce processing times. It is also a fundamental step towards Industry 4.0.

By expanding new functions, your visions can be realized. Setup and commissioning are competently supported and you always have a contact person.

Common applications for MDE devices

The common use of an MDE device consists primarily of its connection to the production control system. This application combines machine data from MDE devices in the area of Production, maintenance, quality and personnel.

The BiSoftMES from gbo datacomp provides an overview of the resources involved in production and a preview of the final production. Depending on the industry, the settings can be configured individually and customer-specifically.

that MES can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT landscapes and represents the link between manufacturing and management levels (ERP system).

BiSoftMES forms a basis for Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. Thanks to the modular design, it is also possible to add additional locations. It is used by medium-sized companies as well as in international corporations.

Another application is that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) The ERP software ensures that material requirements planning is ensured. Relevant components for your production are therefore recorded and available in the right place, in the right quantity and at the right time.

The ERP system is used to map the entire business process. In addition, the flow of communication is optimized and cooperation within a company is made more efficient.

The functional areas of ERP include:

  • materials management
  • Planning and control of production
  • Determining needs
  • accountancy
  • marketing and sales
  • Management of master data and personnel
  • parts lists
  • Product data
  • Document management and scheduling

MES benefits

With gbo datacomp, master data can be verified online in the ERP system using MES. Disturbances in the process flow are visualized and can therefore be dealt with in an experienced manner.

Companies using BiSoftMES are in terms of Before- and More effective post-calculation. The specifications for manufacturing processes are recorded online and in real time and can then be compared with the data that has already been entered into the ERP system. This results in real pre- and post-calculations.

Further advantages of BiSoftMES result from the implementation of Smart Factory and Industry 4.0, for which it is the basis.

MES helps companies achieve significantly higher productivity, improved product quality and effective, transparent production. As a result, operating and personnel costs are reduced, set-up times are minimized and competitiveness rises.

If this is not enough for you, gbo datacomp is here to assist you competently and with many years of experience in manufacturing management.

Customer-oriented solutions, including via remote maintenance, as well as rapid support, provide a complete package so that you can focus on your success tomorrow.

VDI Guideline 5600

The abbreviation VDI stands for the Association of German Engineers. In terms of number VDI Guideline 5600 Is this intended for the MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The standard for solutions that are MES-based and include manufacturing management systems was developed in terms of content as a basis with the VDI 5600 detained.

This includes these MES sub-items:

  • economic efficiency
  • Logical interface to machine and plant control
  • Support of production systems through MES
  • New optimization approaches with MES
  • Energy management with MES

The guide to VDI Guideline 5600 is intended for decision makers (production, IT, materials management managers), users (preparation, implementation, production, operators of machines and systems, QA management) as well as project managers and also external service providers in the areas of hardware, software and integration.

Smartfactory and Industry 4.0

Smart Factory is the central goal of Industry 4.0 and defines a production environment that is largely without human intervention. In doing so, the smart factory itself is looking for the ideal route through production.

The basis for this are cyber-physical systems that communicate with each other via the Internet. Industry 4.0 is the fourth industrial revolution. The aim here is a complex networking of the entire value chain using information technology systems.

By setting up BiSoftMES, you as a company are laying the foundation for using Smart Factory and Industry 4.0. As an experienced solution provider in the area of manufacturing management systems, gbo datacomp significantly increases your company's competitiveness.

The functional solutions stand for effectiveness and increased competition in terms of manufacturing and production. In figures, this includes over 900 system solutions, 20,000 users and more than 100,000 connected systems.

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